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"Luxury buyers have always been the most discerning. They didn't get there by not being smart about their choices."

Lisa Optican
for Hollywood reporter

Every home tells a story. One of the hallmarks of Lisa Optican's success is her unmatched ability to craft highly-personalized and impeccably executed marketing narratives-strategically tailored to a target audience. Her expansive vocabulary of luxury lifestyle and rarefied aesthetic allow Lisa to effortlessly evoke the essence of each home for a deep connection to a property.


Genuinely Los Angeles

A third-generation Angeleno, Lisa Optican offers an intrinsic knowledge of the landscape, architecture, and the finer points of the lifestyle from an insider perspective.

Authentic representation

Drawing upon her successful career in law, Lisa is uniquely positioned to represent the interests of her clients and act as their advocate during and post-acquisition.

The art of Privacy

Lisa Optican's boutique practice prioritizes privacy above all through thoughtful communication strategies, deep knowledge of the media ecosystem, and her trusted network of clients and connections locally, nationally, and globally.

The language of design

Lisa has cultivated an expansive and idiosyncratic visual vocabulary—allowing her to recognize and articulate the true value of the properties she represents. Equipped with a wealth of stylistic and lifestyle references from her extensive travels and selling some of the notable in Los Angeles, Lisa has mastered the art of thoughtfully connecting spaces and clients.

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